Highly trained Islamic snipers on their way to the USA

Considering the source–probably not (according to Jihad Watch).  But it makes for interesting reading:

Los Angeles, Alta California – August 23, 2005 – (ACN) The USA mainstream media is “filtering” the news coming out of Iraq. It is not reporting on certain items deemed by the Pentagon to be detrimental to the morale of US troops or their families back home. Conspicuously absent are any reports on “Juba”, a sniper who has been terrorizing US soldiers in Baghdad for months. Juba is the name given by US forces to a superbly trained insurgent sniper who has already killed at least 19 GI’s including four US Marine snipers in one day.

As if our mainstream media would ever hold back any demoralizing news coming out of Iraq.

No US soldier has ever seen Juba. They only hear one distinctive shot from a Tabuk sniper rifle (An Iraqi sniper rifle based on the Soviet Kalashnikov but fitted with a long barrel and a muzzle brake. It uses the 7.62mm Kalashnikov cartridge) and the next thing they see is another GI slumping down dead. The hit is usually to the head but Juba also aims at gaps in the GI’s body armor. He has been known to hit his mark from 300 yards which is the length of three football fields. Juba takes only one shot and then disappears.

If I knew a sniper was after me I can’t think of a single center-fire rifle cartridge I would rather he used.  Accuracy and power are both pathetic with this round.

US troops who scramble to find Juba soon after he has struck find only his trademark that consists of a single 7.62mm Kalashnikov cartridge casing with a handwritten note. The note, in Arabic, says, “What has been taken in blood cannot be regained except by blood”. The note is signed, “The Baghdad Sniper”.

Juba is now a mythic hero to the Iraqi resistance. Word on the streets of Baghdad, from those who know Juba, is that his rifle is running out of space to add more “notches” that signify US occupation soldiers he has killed. Juba is now training an “elite” insurgent sniper squad that will target personnel coming in and out from Baghdad’s Green Zone.

He’s running out of room for notches?  I thought he had only killed 19 GI’s.  What does he cut his notches with?  An out of control chain saw?

A particular worrisome development for USA based warmongers is a CIA intelligence report that says that a superbly trained Islamic sniper squad is on its way to the USA. According to the report, the Al-Ikhwan Al-Moslemoon (Muslim Brotherhood)is preparing to send a highly trained sniper squad to the USA that will target, at first, the lower and middle level leadership of the Islamophobic organizations that cater to the Zionists. This, we presume, includes the lackeys of the Zionists on radio and television. A few weeks ago, these puppets of Israel added insult to injury when they went on a vile tirade in support of the “toilet flushers” of the Holy Koran at Guantanamo. Many of these radio talk jockeys are not Jews but they act as mouthpieces for their employers who are. One of these virulent pundits for the Zionists said over the airwaves, “US soldiers at Guantanamo should have used the pages of the Koran to wipe their asses!”

And how did they come across a CIA intelligence report?  Yeah, right.  And all the major media outlets are owned or managed by Jews?  If that were so then I would expect the major theme MSM would be much greater support for war in Iraq and against Muslims instead of weeks of haranguing of GI’s for minor offenses in the prison where Muslims are held.

If a “superbly trained Islamic sniper squad” does show up it might have the benefit of increasing the number of private citizen carrying firearms for protection.  And if they put a decent bounty on their scalps firearms instructors will see marked increase in their class sizes.  Would we lose some people?  Almost for certain the answer is yes, but their kill ratio would be much better with suicide bombers at the loss of unskilled button pushers instead of “superbly trained” snipers.