I must have gotten their attention

I got a call from daughter Xenia this afternoon.  A letter from Battelle came in the mail today.  She said, “It looks like a report card.”  What she meant was that each side had to be ripped off before you could open it.  “Oh, I’ll bet it’s my last paycheck”, I said.  I didn’t expect one because I just had two days of vacation left and they had paid me for two days that I was suspended without pay.  I asked Xenia to open it.  It was a check.  A check for $0.00.

I laughed for quite a while about that.  I have my speculation as to why it would show up over two months after my last day on the job and why they bothered to send me a check for $0.00.  I think it has something (and I have my suspicions about the exact reason) to do with the new website about bigotry at PNNL (PNNL is operated by Battelle who issues the paychecks) I put up last weekend.

I think I’ll frame that check–although I will always wonder what the bank would have said if I deposited it.

Update: By popular demand:

Click on the image for a high resolution version.


5 thoughts on “I must have gotten their attention

  1. You should deposit it, Joe! It cost them something like $35 to process it in the first place. If you deposit it, they’ll have to process the transaction, and it’ll cost ’em again.

  2. please post a picture of the framed check for the world to see…

    I doubt it costs anywhere near $35 bucks to process a check…

  3. Dude, I wouldn’t post my bank account number on the internet. Just FYI, I would gray out the bank transit number and account number on the check. I hope you win your suit. Sucks what they did to you.

  4. It wasn’t my accont number. It was PNNL’s account number. But the point is valid just the same.

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