Gun positive media coverage

From Reno:

Families celebrate Fathers Day at machine gun shoot-out

Everyone has their own way to celebrate Father’s Day, but some families went out of their way to break tradition.

Close to 2,000 people made their way to the Mustang gun range to show their love by firing automatic weapons.

Under Nevada’s open gun laws, it is legal to shoot machine guns. And fathers, sons, and shooting enthusiasts in general, had an opportunity to shoot fully automatic weapons like AK-47s, M-60’s, and Uzi’s.

While it may not be a traditional Fathers Day event, for Matt and Andy Polehman it was all about being together on this special day. “My dad and I have this saying, it doesn’t matter what we do as long as we do it together.”

If you missed Sunday’s shoot, don’t worry, the range will host another one this October.

Thanks for the pointer to this reporting from “The Gun Guys”–who had this to say about the article:

Nothing Says “I Love You” Quite Like A Machine Gun Shoot Out.  Gun Lovers Won’t Rest Until They Can Do This In Their Suburban Backyards.

And I say, “And your point is?”  Admittedly, if you are going to do this in your suburban backyard you should do it in a tunnel or have a particular good backstop and shooting area that makes it impossible for a bullet to leave the range.  And the use of suppressors might be required, but other than that–what’s your point?