Google Adwords suck, Overture rocks

After having Google tell me they don’t allow people to advertise product related to the exercise of certain civil rights I started looking at alternatives.  It turns out you can place an ad on and get advertising to show up on,,, and  There are some downsides:

  • The minimum rate is $0.10/click – twice that of Google.
  • Minimum of $50 up front instead of $5.00 from Google.
  • It can take a few days before they will approve your ads compared to minutes for Google.

The upsides are:

  • They didn’t have a problem with my guns and explosives product.
  • They did disallow a few words and phrases but they gave rational reasons and I respect their conclusions.
  • They have better tools for determining the phrases and key words that are being used by people doing the searches.
  • I’m getting a lot more hits!
  • Their tracking is better.  They have a cookie system set up that will report whenever someone clicks on an ad ultimately, even days later, clicks on my entry form.  I can see what key words are actually generating people interested in entering the event versus just looking at pictures and watching the videos.
  • I can see in the log file exactly what the raw query was and how it was morphed into a key phrase of mine to generate a hit.  This means I can figure out the keywords people are using and put those on my pages if it’s a good match.  Key words that aren’t a good match but are still morphed into a hit I can tweak to avoid the hit.
  • No requirement for minimum click rates, Google has been dropping words and phrases if they don’t meet their minimum number of clicks per impression.  My friends and I have probably provided a dozen clicks or so just to keep me from losing the keywords.

Kim du Toit is by far better than anything else, but he is doing this as a favor and I don’t have any control over being able do this on a regular basis.

Here is the break down on people that have clicked on banners, ads, and links from various places so far this month: 402 144
Overture Ads 36 (started on February 14th)
Google Adwords 23 (running all month and probably 12 of those were my own and friends) (all personal sites): 23 EveryoneEveryWhereAlways 17 (and other banner ads place by her) 2

So… comparing Overture to Google I get hits at a rate of about 7 a day versus about 0.6/day.  Over ten times as good.  I’m going to tell Google to get lost.  No point paying bigots your money when there are better alternatives available.