Gay marriage in MA is inevitable

Today it was reported in the Washington Post:

The highest court in Massachusetts declared today that the state legislature may not offer “civil union” instead of marriage for same-sex couples, in a ruling that guarantees that the first state-recognized same-sex marriages in U.S. history can take place beginning in mid-May.

As pointed out in the article this will be a big debate point in the coming election and cause further division in the politics of this nation.  But it is a major step forward for freedom.  The other states will have to deal with that pesky “full faith and credit“ clause in the constitution that says they must recognize the licenses of other states.  Which will bring up the issue of concealed carry licenses.  Lots of implications here.  Glad to see it.

Now if MA would just get rid of bunch of their draconian gun laws.  Why is it that people seem to only want one or two particular flavors of freedom at a time?  I can’t help but think that people don’t want freedom at all, or at least they only want it for themselves and not everyone else.


8 thoughts on “Gay marriage in MA is inevitable

  1. well, Bush is an authoritarian, and he hates everything that he doesn’t bless.

  2. You have Bush all wrong, he is just a president who is against gay marriage, that s all. by what you say, you think that every person in america should condem gay amrriage. am i write or wrong? so who is the athoritarian here Bush or you jackasses?!

  3. This is a president who is willing to speak his mind during an upcoming election.

  4. As the president he has a little more pull than you or I. You’re also a complete fucking idiot, John.

  5. John, I suggest you look up the meaning of “condemn” and “write”. I can overlook the spelling and punctuation errors, but your comment is incompressible as written. And watch the name calling guys — especially when you are talking about my daughter.

  6. They posted from the same IP, It’s running some spyware; Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+5.5;+Windows+98;+YComp+;+yplus+1.0). That user agent is unique.

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