Boomershoot 2004 ads

Today I placed an ad on google for Boomershoot 2004.  I used some key words and phrases that didn’t show the event in the search listing.  It turns out virtually no one was advertising with these words and I was able to get very cheap rates for at or near the top of the listings.  It’s expected to only cost about $35/month for an estimated 25 clicks a day or so.  Shotgun news is costing me about $50/month and resulting in about 10 clicks per day.  In addition I only pay for actual clicks on google whereas I have to pay for the Shotgun news banner ad whether I get any clicks or not.  We’ll see if they will pay for themselves or not.  The web logs give me pretty good tracking information so I can see how well each of the “Ad Campaigns” do.  The National Rifleman classifed ad will come out soon too.  I really need to fill up the Boomershoot this year to pay for the new explosives magazine.


4 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2004 ads

  1. It was that article that inspired me to create the ad. I’ll let you know.

    So far (time measured in single digit hours) there have been 27 impressions and one click. Probably five of the impressions and that one click was mine.

  2. I’m not clicking on anything! It sucks that the impression count is so low. Probably just need to find the right keywords

  3. 236 impressions. One click — mine. Heavy sigh. At least it only cost me $5.05.

    I added a bunch of new keywords last night:

    visit Idaho

    Idaho vacation

    tourism Idaho

    Idaho tourist information

    visiting Idaho

    Some I had to spend as much as $0.35/click to get up into the noise (off the bottom chart with my $0.05/click default). Don’t go clicking a bunch of those just to test them out. It costs me money.

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