Boomershoot 2004 entries from PA and TX

I got a call this morning from someone in Pennsylvania.  They were about to make their airplane reservations for Boomershoot 2004 and wanted to make sure there was still openings for the event.  I told him yes, there shouldn’t be a problem if it gets here the next week or so.  Pennsylvania!  First time for that state to be represented.  Cool.

Entries are actually running a bit behind normal so I’m pleased to hear people are in the process of signing up even if I haven’t received the entries yet.  I got a couple emails this week saying “the check is in the mail” so that should help get me to the point where I can order the rest of the materials needed for this year’s event.

I got an email from someone suggesting the targets have various color stripes or other markings on them to aid in the spotter/shooter dialog.  Good suggestion.  We knew it was a problem and planned to put up colored or marked stakes of some sort in the target area to use as landmarks.  But this would be even further help.

Kim du Toit put a link on his blog to and doubled the number of page views overnight.  A couple of other blogs put up links as well, apparently after reading Kim’s post.  See for example.  I am very pleased.  Thank you Kim.  You will be our first representative from Texas.  And it was most pleasant listening to your South African accent when we talked on the phone.  I’m looking forward to seeing you and your family in May.


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  1. hmm, image doesn’t load. You might want to save the image and put a static version on that webpage.

  2. But it worked on my machine! (Inside joke — software developers [me] tell it to software testers [Ry] all the time)

    Done. Try it again.

    Thanks for testing it.

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