5 thoughts on “Ironic

  1. I will say this. Gabby Giffords brain is that of a toddler. She isn’t doing this. The truly evil people using her as a stage prop should be prosecuted. She was incredibly pro-gun and I believe would still be. It is a lie using her as a marionette.

  2. The concept of irony…..like sarcasm…..is totally foreign to the mind (sic) of leftists.

  3. Like Obama getting the Nobel. Things like that just don’t mean what they used to.
    And to Mr. McGruff I would only add. If their in the spotlight. Their puppets. From Soro through Blackrock to Biden on down. They all do what their told.

  4. “Freedom” in this case is freedom for the criminal class. Freedom to perpetrate their evil. That’s the struggle for which they are “down”, so to speak. Now the award makes perfect sense, see? No irony here. One need merely look at it from the enemy’s perspective, just as the enemy naturally always looks at everything.

  5. Biden and Giffords have an excuse. He’s senile and she was shot in the brain. But those who endorse, prop up, and use the brain-damaged as political sock puppets should be in prison until they leave in a hearse.

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