Boomershoot week is in progress

I’ve been on site doing Boomershoot stuff on and off since last Friday. We had a private event on Saturday and tonight the first participants and volunteer staff showed up. Aaron (a regular in position 65) drove by my encampment about 7:00 PM. I did a few things before going over to visit with him.

Then as Aaron and were talking Barron, Janelle, their kids, and Bradley up.

Tomorrow daughter Kim and I will prepare Boomershoot Mecca for target production, do some inventory verification, pick up some last minute supplies, get the U-Haul trailer, and prepare for site preparation by the volunteers on Thursday.

The rented portable toilets were supposed to arrive last Thursday but the day before I got a call from the rental place. She sounded almost scared when she told me, “We no longer serve your area and we won’t be delivering the toilets tomorrow like we agreed.”

I told her I would have liked to have had more than one day notice. Did she have a suggestion for who might service our area? She did suggestion a competitor. I called them and they declined. I called a place in nearby Orofino I tried to contact months ago and they failed to return my call. I got voice mail again.

I was feeling the panic creeping up on me. Over 100 people here for a long weekend, 30 minutes from their hotel rooms and no toilets…

Then the phone rang. It was the Orofino rental place. “Sure! We can get three portable toilets to you next Wednesday.” That will be tomorrow. I’m still a little apprehensive because I have never done business with them before and I got burned with the other company last week after having the agreement in place for months. I’ll believe it when I see three clean and serviceable toilets sitting in Boomershoot Field sometime before midnight tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Boomershoot week is in progress

  1. I’ll be packing all my gear and maybe doing some reloading tomorrow too. If you need anything from Moscow, be sure to drop me an email/text!

    • I’ll be in Moscow today to pick up the trailer and a few other things. So, unless you have some empty milk jugs you don’t need to bring anything special for us.


  2. If they fall through on those 3 toilets, a potential fallback might be to rent one or more cheap motorhomes.

    • The toilets arrived this afternoon and are in place. All is well.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Sounds as if the original provider was “gotten to” or had someone tell them that they shouldn’t be providing service(s) to a bunch of gun-toting, “white supremest”,(and don’t forget racist) who are practicing blowing blowing things up.

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