Ruth Ben-Ghiat is a liar

H/T to Ed Driscoll.

Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Ron DeSantis’ Florida state military plan echoes Trump’s autocratic aspirations (

The governor is a leader in GOP efforts to create environments conducive to authoritarianism, from opposing Covid vaccination mandates to critical race theory fearmongering.

I’m reminded of a previous blog post where I said:

How does a government “force a free market”? A free market is one free of government interference! Force is required to have anything other than a free market.

And so it is in this case. That Governor DeSantis is opposing vaccination mandates is evidence that he is not an authoritarian. To claim he is autocratic and/or authoritarian is a lie.


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  1. Oh, but he’s forcing the left to stop forcing people, and THAT is one of the highest forms of “crime” or “aggression” in the collective, Romish mind of the left. It’s where they get the phrase, “speech is violence” as well. To them it truly is. What we’re talking about is, in the Dark Ages sense, “heresy”, and they’ve killed millions of people for heresy.

    We must understand that the above mindset does NOT ever change with the centuries. On the contrary, although it may change its rhetoric and its selling points, and it may alter its rationalizations to fit the circumstances, that old god-king mindset of the whore of Babylon is, in every way, precisely what it was thousands of years ago. If you don’t play along they’ll do whatever it takes to get you to recant, or to get rid of you, so that your poisonous and infectious culture and attitude cannot spread.

    Also, your post needs editing. It’s too important leave typos in it.

  2. Also; “Accuse others of what you do.” – attributed to Karl Marx, but the practice is ancient. If for example you were to point out the errors of the pontiff in the 1500s, the proud and boastful pontiff would accuse you of being proud and boastful (and impudent, etc.) And then he’d have you killed.

    Consider this. Many people only want their own following, and it doesn’t matter why or how they get it. If you step up and start criticizing them, then, to them, you’re threatening their following (their authority) and attempting to establish your own. And so, to some, “Accuse others of what you do” is not merely a tactic. It’s often their belief. Truth, in this scenario, is often nowhere to be found within the dialogue, for, in the mind of the authoritarian at least, it is to be avoided at all cost. And so the tactic is to ignore and redirect, and that means employing any or all of the classic forms of fallacious argument;

    Argumentum ad populum (others believe it, therefore it is so)

    Argumentum ad hominem (you’re a bad person, therefore your assertion is wrong)

    Argumentum ad verecundiam (one’s authority makes it true)

    Argumentum ad baculum (appeal to, or threat of, force / consequences)

    Argument ad misericordiam (appeal to pity or guilt)

    Argumentum ad ignorantiam (you can’t prove [to me] that I’m wrong, so I’m right, or you can’t “prove” [to me] that you’re right, therefore you’re wrong)

    It’s all they’ve ever had, when you stop and think about it. But don’t knock it. It works. They’ll rule the entire world with that festering horseshit blabber.

    That these old terms are expressed in Latin (the language of VICARIVS FILII DEI) in the textbooks for all posterity is richly appropriate.

    • “They’ll rule the entire world with that festering horseshit blabber.”

      They’ll try and given the trajectory, the question I have is what will come first – collapse as we hit the limits of growth and knowledge, or the brave new world of the tech oligarchs?

      Limits are hidden everywhere. Take the supply chain problem. Why is it not something like our mega city traffic jams? The supply chains are simply congested. Of course, we can add new ‘roads’ with the predictable results postponing the day of reckoning and we can keep doing that for a long time (think cancer maintenance for as long as you can tolerate the chemo).

      Peak resources are also coming. A couple of decades ago it looked like fossil fuels production was peaking – then we found fracking. But now it’s clear that fracking was a one time windfall. And given that fossil fuels are now evil, we’re going to get the ‘best’ of both worlds. Peak oil is coming one way or another.

      Most ominous of all is that we’ve become one village where only one point of view can be tolerated.

      Enjoy your freedom while you still have it. Resistance is futile!

  3. I believe that the following quote from C. S. Lewis speaks to the heart of our problems with Progressives, Leftists, et al.

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    And the worst part is that even if we willingly pay obeisance to them, they will take it as we have come to recognize our position in relation to their superior intellect and ability. The only way out of this is to remove them from any possible influence or control over other people. There are several ways for this to be done. Unfortunately I don’t see these people understanding any of that until it is too late for everyone to take the easy route. The tormented and the tormentors will all suffer when there is only one option.

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