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Earlier today I received a message from Alan Gura requesting that I not post his protected tweets on other social media. The previous QOTD by him has been password protected until such time as his tweet are not protected.

Don’t ask for the password. I won’t give it out.

Sorry about that.

Update: Everything but Gura contribution to the post is:

Tweeted on November 30, 2021
[He is referring to:

Annastacia Palaszczuk on Twitter: “Check out the before ➡️ after Stage one of our quarantine facility at Wellcamp is on track for completion by the end of the year.

Regional quarantine is a common sense approach to keep Queensland safe – that’s why we’re building this dedicated facility at the airport.

“Common sense.” I’m surprised she didn’t also say, “For the children!”

Yes, Gura’s comment is sarcasm.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Password protected blog post

  1. Prolly would have been better to just delete rather than create the impression that there’s folks worthy of the password and us unwashed who aren’t.

  2. I fail to understand the point here. The enemy already has the tweets since they own the platform.

  3. Hmm. We seem to have gone from, “Anyone suggesting that a modern Western government would be planning and building concentration camps for the internment of citizens is a conspiracy theorist nutjob!”, to actually building said concentration camps, practically overnight.

    • And expressing extreme pride at their accomplishments! I wonder if their pride matches that of the creators of the Japanese camps. One thing we know, as is to be expected, both sets of people identify as being in the left wing of the political spectrum.

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