2 thoughts on “Interesting job title

  1. Strike Team is one of those standardized government terms (Specifically defined in the National Incident Management System (NIMS)) that sounds strange to folks not involved in emergency response and planning, but not to those who are. How it sounds to people not involved in that realm probably never occurred to them.

    Specifically a Strike Team is a response team made of people from one discipline (medical in this example). If they had members from other disciplines (Fire, LE, Emergency Management etc.) it would be a Task Force.

    For instance. locally we have an Urban Search and Rescue Task force (with fire, LE, Medical, Logistics personnel) that can pretty much deploy as a self contained unit, and a Regional Rescue Strike Team that is only made up of search and rescue personnel, primarily Fire Service, and does not have the logistics and support tail to deploy outside the local region.

    • Strike team is nowhere as big a deal as, isolation and quarantine consultant. During a plan-demic no less?
      Wonder where Washington state is going to put all it’s new Haitian immigration guests?

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