Boomershoot target production

Wednesday afternoon Tim, TJay (mostly) and I began folding boxes for the targets. The boxes come as flat pieces of cardboard cut and formed in all the right places to be easily folded into a box. Here is what things looked yesterday morning:


That is perhaps half of the boxes. Kim, Jacob, and I folded more boxes this morning. Others folded still more boxes during the day.

This was the target production crew this afternoon:


This was the result by 5:00 PM:


I think there were three more crates of targets I added after this. With the addition of those additional crates there are over 830 targets with nearly 1600 pounds of explosives.

And this doesn’t count the nearly 700 targets already consumed yesterday and today. Boomershoot is, literally, a ton of fun.


3 thoughts on “Boomershoot target production

  1. Weather looked great again this year. Looking forward to getting back in 2022!

  2. What’s the pile of white stuff in front of the target crates? Ice?

    • In order to slow the chemical degradation of the mix, he lowers the temp by storing it with dry ice. I thought it was odd when I first heard about it, but it does seem to noticeably extend the relatively short “shelf-life” of the impact sensitivity for Boomerite.

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