I can relate

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It’s a little over stated. I figure I lose about 20 IQ points as soon as the buzzer goes off. Hence, my plans for the stage are made such that the average first grader should be able to follow it without too much trouble.


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    • Things can get complicated when you can’t see all the targets from several places and you can see multiple targets from a half dozen different places. I call these “hide and seek” stages. I hate them. I try to pick the shooting positions which minimizes the overlapping views.

      Complications also result when you have the option to shoot a set of targets from a distance or by charging them. And that Texas Star… how many rounds due you allocate for it when you are planning your reload positions? And how about that swinger? Do you shoot it immediately after the triggering popper or do you shoot a bunch of other targets first then come back to it? And on the retreat stage… do you shoot the row of targets along your path as you retreat or do you retreat as fast as you can then shoot them from your retreated position? What about the targets on opposite sides of the shooting area you can only see as you approach them. You need to do multiple 160 degree swings from side to side to shoot them as you go forward, or, you can shoot all of them on one side as you rapidly advance then shoot the targets on the other side as you rapidly retreat?

      • Yeah, those plans go straight to the crapper for me. Had a stage early this month with multiple targets behind barrels. Had a perfect plan ….. Stage finished I had a clean target and another target with 6 ‘A’ hits …..

    • That used to be me – decide where to reload (if at all) and have at it.

      Then the .gov here in Oz blackmailed the states into restrictive gun laws that banned standard and high-capacity magazines.

      Now I get to do all the same things but with ten-round mags only. It makes the reloads the primary focus of every stage.

  1. You know you blew it when your finish the stage, unload, holster and all your friends on the squad start laughing and shaking their heads.

    And there in the back of the bay stands a popper waving at you that was invisible just seconds before.

    • The clue is the RO saying “_IF_ you are finished, unload and show clear.”

  2. Nothing like losing count of your rounds, shooting the trigger target with your last round, and finding yourself having to do a reload and shoot 2 disappearing targets as they disappear.

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