Invite to Gab

I am a PRO member on Gab. In order to join up you have to have an invite from a PRO member.

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, and preferably commenter, and want an invite send me an email at


5 thoughts on “Invite to Gab

  1. I found Gab to be terribly infested with rabid antisemites.
    I’m looking for a non-leftist-biased alternative to FB, but I don’t want to associate with flaming Nazis who seem to think “the final solution” was a fine idea, either.

    • I haven’t seen that, but I only follow people that I think I might be interested in. I don’t “tune into” the “channels” of whatever offensive stuff is there.

    • I use it to increase exposure to my blog posts. I don’t follow many people. My impression is that it is a clone of Twitter without the censorship.

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