Guess what this is

I won’t have time for a full blog post on this topic until late tomorrow sometime.

In the mean time, guess what this is:



15 thoughts on “Guess what this is

  1. Well, it’s a pretty close magnification, anyway.

    Ok. F*ck it. I’ll embarrass myself and claim it’s a super-duper, l’m-ready-for-my-close-up-Mr.-deMille image of a messed up primer.

    Flame away, you bastards.

      • That’s what I thought initially, but it is asymmetrical. While the left side looks like it has an extractor rim, the right side is flush…

        …unless possibly the overpressure that caused the head separation caused the extractor channel on that side to fill in? That would be some impressively scary overpressure…

        …or perhaps the rim on the right side was ripped off by the extractor…

        But then, there are the parallel lines all across it that make it look like a case head that was sawed off the cartridge through the case head rather than through the case wall…

        Indeed a puzzler. Looking forward to the Reveal. I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind it.

  2. Bull horns on a toilet seat, all mounted on a really big tree stump?

    (In other words … Modern Art!)

    No? Okay.

    • I think that you might be close to the mark on that guess,Drew. I have seen several anomalies in low budget primers over the years.Quite possibly for a needle fired cartridge?

      • I think this is typically more an issue with overpressure cartridges regardless of primer quality. The high pressures smash the primer flat against the breech, and in this case some brass even squirted deep into the firing pin hole.

  3. A separated case head viewed from what normally would be the inside view of it while still in one piece as part of the shell case. Just a wild guess, I truly have no clue.

    • I’ve certainly flattened a few primers before but never have I made the brass squirt through the firing pin hole in a warped ring. Damn that must have been a hot load.

  4. Looks like a shotgun primer with the cup mangled. If so, the rest of the shell seems to mangled beyond recognition.

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