Rounds in the last month

In May I didn’t start reloading until the 15th. Boomershoot recovery contributed to the late start. As did another trip to Idaho to replace some Wi-Fi equipment at the Boomershoot shooting line, Boomershoot inventory, and cleaning up things at Mecca.

My supply of practice .40 S&W ammo got to emergency levels with as little as 200 rounds at one point. I reloaded 1499 rounds in May and even with using the .22 for much of my practice I still consider my practice .40 S&W ammo to be at critical levels. I’m hoping to catch up soon.

This brings my lifetime reloaded ammunition totals to:

223: 4,813 rounds.
30.06: 756 rounds.
300 WIN: 1,591 rounds.
40 S&W: 82,507 rounds.
45 ACP: 2,007 rounds.
9 mm: 21,641 rounds.
Total: 113,315 rounds.


2 thoughts on “Rounds in the last month

  1. That’s more’n a few. Perhaps more impressive is that you’ve kept track of it all.

    I couldn’t tell you to within fifty percent how many rounds I’ve loaded, but I know it’s a small fraction of your total. Since I take shipment of lead in fifty pound increments I could tell you a bit more accurately how many bullets I’ve cast, but that’s a small, unknown fraction of my total reloading.

    I’m curious as to the load(s) you’re using in the foe-TAY, how you manage the brass (do you carefully segregate once-fired from twice-fired, from thrice, etc), how many loadings you get out of a batch of brass, and whether you clean the brass every time. Strategy and regimen stuff.

    Do you carry your practice load, compete with it, or are there specific loads for the three purposes? Or are you one of those who carries only commercial loads for legalistic reasons?

    • Currently I’m using 180 grain JHP Montana Gold bullets over 5.5 grains of CFE Pistol for practice at indoor ranges. For USPSA matches I use 180 grain Black Bullets, again, over 5.5 grains of CFE Pistol. For steel matches I use 180 grain Blue Bullets over 3.0 grains of Clays. I don’t care for the Bullet Bullets because the coating comes off on my hands and equipment. I’m probably switching to Eggleston Munitions bullets when I need more. I have 500 on order for testing.

      Brass is fired until I lose it with no segregation. I probably recover about 75% of my practice brass and virtually none of the brass from matches. Matches at the Lewiston Pistol Club are the exception. There brass is picked up between shooters. In Seattle area matches the brass is left on the ground. I clean the brass in a Dillon vibrating “tumbler” and sometimes follow up with an ultrasonic cleaning to get the dust off and the insides cleaner. I use Hornady One Shot® Sonic Clean™ Cartridge Case Solution in the ultrasonic cleaner.

      I buy used brass from various sources with the main criteria being the price.

      I carry 180 grain factory loads. Typical these are Winchester Rangers or Speer loading with Gold Dot bullets. I wouldn’t say the factory loads are for legal purposes although that contributes some. Mostly it is because they are loaded hotter than my other loads and I feel comfortable they haven’t pushed the pressures up too high while getting the best velocities they can.

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