Cat watering

After the EMTs and the police left my sister’s place, and I was locking up, getting ready to leave, and after I’d fed the cat, I thought it prudent to take a piss.

That’s when I saw the note on the bathroom wall next to the toilet. It was an instruction to leave the seat closed and the top of the tank open, for the cat.

Maybe all you cat ladies know about this trick, but it was new to me, and I thought is was a great idea. The water is always there, and it’s replenished multiple times per day. Pure genius-simplicity.

Myself, I leave the cats outside where they can be real cats.

Yes, I believe my sister will be OK.


One thought on “Cat watering

  1. And a somewhat lower chance of kitty drowning compared to being head-down in the bowl when Fido gives kitty a nudge. We won’t contemplate what happens when kitty discovers standing on the float makes more water appear- up and over the tank’s sides…

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