Boomershoot driveway status

As I mentioned a few days ago I’m having work done on the Boomershoot driveway. I visited the site this last weekend and am pleased with the progress being made.

The first picture is the view from the road.


This second image is a close up of the location where the potholes and big rocks were at in the bottom of the small draw:


There is still some more work to be done but the main concerns have been corrected. The Boomershoot experience just got a little better.

Update: Here are some “before pictures”:

April 21, 2017

April 24, 2016


10 thoughts on “Boomershoot driveway status

  1. Are you putting some kind of binder in with the materials being added, like Portland or post-krete ready mix?

        • You like your drainage don’t you? 🙂

          There is a culvert under the road at the bottom. When they put the gravel in they buried both ends. They will dig those out this week and put in a ditch along the north side of the driveway to deliver the water to the culvert.

  2. i grew up in the country, driving old chevy and dodge pickups on dirt roads, graded just before wheat harvest got into full swing.

    that road looks like 60 miles per to me. anyone who cannot negotiate that road driving one handed with three dog night going full blast on the stereo should not be allowed to shoot a rifle.

    • You aren’t looking at the “before pictures” which I just now added.

      That said, I didn’t have a real problem with it. But a lot of participants and spectators did. Some refused to drive on it and would detour through the grass which damaged the hay crop.

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