Another good classifier

Last Sunday I shot a USPSA match at Marysville Rifle Club (Marysville, Washington).

In the match I did good, but not great. I got a score of 64.97% of the Limited Class, Grandmaster winner.

I had kind of a rough time the day before and was sort of stiff and sore. I did well on the first few stages then faded in the afternoon. But with the classifier, the third stage of the day, I did pretty well coming in at third place in Limited out of 22 shooters behind one Grandmaster and one Master class shooter. My score of 67 on Lightning And Thunder gave me a solid B-class 74.4444 percentage (75% is A-class). I have the video but it’s three different, rather boring, strings of fire and I doubt anyone really is interested in watching it.

This brings my cumulative USPSA classification up to 63.7697%. I’m approaching my highest ever of 68.5272%

I’m a bit suspect of this particular classifier. It is a fixed time stage and I think it is probably too easy. I suspect that a large number of GMs and perhaps even some Master class shooters clean it with a perfect score of 90. This means that lower class shooters are not really compared to the very best GMs but, instead, are compared to something like the lowest level GM and highest Master class shooters.

Still, I played by the rules and legitimately got the points even if the system is probably warping the indicator of my actual ability.