Wedding present

Guess what I gave Kim (daughter, and target production manager for Boomershoot) for her wedding present (she and Jacob are now married):

20170728_081832 (002)
Photo by Barb.

It’s not just any rifle:


I put a new stock, hunting scope, sling, and a bipod on it, but it’s the same rifle Kim, Jaime, and I took to the Blanchard Blast in 1996 and 1997. The Blanchard Blast was our inspiration for Boomershoot.

I also gave her 150 rounds of 30.06 ammo which was loaded to .308 Winchester velocities. She wants to go hunting and didn’t have a rifle for that. Now she does. And it’s in the same caliber as Jacob’s hunting rifle.

Update: Here is a picture of them shortly after saying “I do.”



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  1. sir:

    need any more kids? i am 69, reasonably well potty trained, and know enough to put on a bib and zip up my pants in politic/polite company. and, whenever i get guns, i am appropriately grateful.

    consider this my application.

    john jay

    p.s. if i am not being too forward, i would like something in a 6.5×55 scandinavian, f/k/a swedish mauser. (some minor adjustments on dimensions, to get norway, sweden, denmark into accord on everything. the cartridge was adopted by sweden (in the mauser), the norki’s (the krag), and the danes (also a version of the krag.))

    • I love the stock too. I had to really look for that stock. Ruger doesn’t make them anymore. I ordered it as a pretty much generic wood replacement stock from some third party place. I was extremely pleased when I saw it. But it took most of an afternoon with a Dremel tool to make it fit the barrel and the Timney trigger.

      She absolutely loves the trigger. She got the most profound expression of awe on her face when she squeezed it the first time. Then she cocked and dry fired it at least a half dozen times before telling Jacob to try it.

      You may be more adoptable but your boyfriend isn’t on my approved list either.

  2. If she feels the need for more ammo for that one, I just ended up with ~3k rounds of 30-06 in a buy from a widow. 150 and 180 gr – and I don’t own anything in 06. Such a deal I can make you(her and Jacob), heh, heh.

  3. 30-06 to 308 velocity? There is a great deal of overlap between the two. At least in my Speer manuals, only in the heavier bullets does the 06 outperform the 308, and in some instances the 308 outperforms the ’06.

    • Do you have Speer’s “Number 13” manual? If so, see page 281 where it says:

      We’ve had many callers ask why the 308 velocities shown are equal to or better than some of the 30-06 velocities shown a few pages ahead. They ask if it’s a mistake. No, it’s real, and there are two reasons.

      The second reason is the sporting rifles we used to record final velocities. Both have 22″ barrels and were bought at the same time. The 30-06 sporter posted velocities about 50-100 ft/sec behind the 24″ pressure barrel. That’s normal. On the other hand, the 308 sporter was consistently equal to or slight faster than the pressure barrel. Like we’ve said serval times, all sporters are different!

      Emphasis in the original.

      The hunting load for Kim’s rifle is a 165 grain Hornady SST bullet. The load I’m using gives her just under 2650 ft/sec at the muzzle. Hornady factory 308 ammo with this bullet is specified at 2840 ft/sec. The same bullet in Hornady factory 30-06 ammo is specified at 2960 ft/sec.

      So, while there is a lot of overlap, the Speer manual may not be representative of typical results. And you are correct in that I was not being very clear with my description of the load. The actual velocity makes it much more clear that these are mild loads compared to factory ammo. Over 300 fps less for the same bullet will make a noticeable difference in felt recoil.

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