Too obscure?

While chatting with Brett at work today we stumbled across something that we both found incredibly funny. But Brett has degree in chemistry and I know enough about it to be a danger to myself and others. I’m not sure enough other people would get the joke to actually use it but I’m thinking of putting the following phrase on Boomershoot t-shirts for next year:

Free the nitrogen!

Is that too obscure?

If you don’t understand see below the fold for the explanation. And if you do understand and want to participate sign up for Boomershoot 2017 here.

Nearly all conventional explosives are nitrogen based. The nitrogen is chemically bound to other elements and is a solid or liquid form. When the explosive detonates the nitrogen is released from its chemical bonds and becomes nitrogen gas.

For example, ammonium nitrate breaks down according to the following equation:

NH4NO3 => N2 + 2H2O + 1/2 O2 (+ heat)

Hence, urging people to “Free the nitrogen!” is telling them to explode the targets.


11 thoughts on “Too obscure?

    • Da. Yes, we speak “Demo-Geek.”

      have “Boomershoot – it’s a GAS!” on the back.

      Does that mean we need red, white, and blue targets?

      (minor typo: “its chemical bond”)

  1. Clever + nerdy!

    Great for a generic Boomershoot tee, but I don’t recommend using the slogan for 2017 event tees. Here’s why:

    Our next shoot’s unique in that we’re recognizing + inviting honoree shooters from “minority” gun communities, including:*

    Black Guns Matter
    Pink Pistols
    Operation Blazing Sword
    Milo Yiannopoulos

    For that reason, B2017 is historic, and the tees should reflect it. We have the special opportunity to pay recognition to honoree shooters + the causes they represent.

    Imagine said Bshoot tees being worn in Philly hood, or at queer events — it’s time to expand from “the usual” crowd, usual places.

    Free the nitrogen! is obscure, but it’s still clever + nerdy. Would make an excellent “generic” tee, available year-round, not exclusive to 2017.

    Obscurity can be a good thing, depending on circumstances. In this case, it’s an opportunity to reach out to those who don’t get it — thus inviting questions + inquiry from those less nerdy, while also being a great conversation piece for chemistry geeks. (Wearer beware + be prepared to enlighten n’ be kind to those less geeky.)

    Boomershoot Marketing/Media Lady

    PS — I’m happy to design image to match Free the nitrogen! Christmas around the corner… tee would make a great gift, any time of year.

    *Clarification to eager readers: Members from all of the above organizations have been confirmed. We are still awaiting solid RSVP from Milo, but I’ve corresponded with him directly, and he’s thoroughly excited to attend. Will post more as soon as I have details.

    • Oy….

      Though it does bring to mind Richard Scarry’s Mr. Fixit. Maybe have a picture of an evil legume imprisoning nitrogen, and an explosion out of the ground nearby. Or is that far too many levels of geek removed from 99.9% of the population?

      • When you speak of “legumes” I presume you’re referring to Huffman Farm lentils?

        If that’s the case, 99.9% of population won’t get it, not due to geekery, but rather fact-ory, for your visual implies knowledge of legumes residing at location of rare gun event.

        Nonetheless, nice visual of an angry lentil.

      • Speaking of Richard Scarry’s Mr. Fixit, “Busytown” is name of place where all the mayhem goes down – lost coins, vanished car…

        Sounds like D.C.

        99.9% certain I’m digging way too deep into kid’s book.

  2. May I suggest a different Tee shirt logo for this historic Boomershoot:


    WHEN YOU HIT THE TARGET… on the front, in smaller print.

    Inclusive, tolerant, simple, straightforward and yet elitist, too.

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