Mother’s Day dinner

With both kids away at college and unable to do something in person for Mother’s Day I decided to help by taking Barb to dinner. I told her to pick anything she wanted within an hours drive. She suggested Red Robin and I frowned. I told her I was thinking of something more like the Space Needle or a nice steak house.

After considerable thought and my repeated insistence that she should not be concerned about the price she came up with I Love Sushi on Lake Bellevue.

It was very nice. The food was good and we had a nice view of the lake.



3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day dinner

  1. I admit, sushi is something I never quite developed a taste for. I like seafood just fine, but… throw that thing on the grill for a little bit!

    That being said, though, I do find all the little quirks and intricacies of serious sushi dining to be interesting.

    • Barb doesn’t eat raw fish. Sushi doesn’t have to have raw meat in it. She likes the vegetable only versions and other things at the restaurant that are cooked.

    • Technically, sushi is the rice, or the process of rolling the “meat” in the rice. Sashimi is the raw fish. Sushi usually has raw fish in it, but it doesn’t have to, as Joe pointed out. There are plenty of “sushi rolls” that have no fish in them, or have cooked fish/shellfish like fried crab. The local joint we go to has one called “spider roll” which has fried small soft-shell crabs. A personal favorite.

      Funny, I took my wife out for mother’s day and we ended up at Red Robin, because she wanted to bring the kids and that’s what they wanted. I am sure she would have preferred the local sushi joint, had it just been us.

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