A new application for Botox

The experiments on rats look promising:

So why am I writing about Botox on a sex blog? Because doctors have found that this drug can also be used to treat sexual dysfunctions. For example, studies have shown that Botox is an effective treatment for vaginismus, a condition in which the muscles around the vaginal opening involuntarily contract so tightly that penetration becomes painful or impossible [1]. This isn’t the only sexual difficulty for which Botox might help, though. In fact, new research suggests that it may be a novel treatment for premature ejaculation, too.

Thirty-three male rats were randomly assigned to receive one of three injections in the bulbospongiosus muscle: a half unit of Botox, a full unit of Botox, or a saline (placebo) shot. Two days after exposure, their sexual behaviors were assessed.

Regardless of the type of injection received, all rats could still ejaculate afterwards. However, rats injected with Botox took significantly longer to do so than rats that received placebos.

In the placebo condition, ejaculation took a little over 6.5 minutes on average. For rats receiving a half unit of Botox, this jumped to about 8.5 minutes, whereas for rats that received a full unit, it took almost 10 minutes.

At my age I don’t, and almost certainly won’t ever, have this problem. But still, I’m siding with Justin J. Lehmiller when he says,

… guys would have to be comfortable with someone sticking a needle in their nether regions, and I’m pretty confident that there are a lot of guys who wouldn’t be into a treatment like this.


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  1. Uh, yeah; no thanks. And if my wife’s cooter clamps shut I think it means I should wait. These overly enthusiastic researchers are merely finding new means of breaking and entering.

    • But, but… just a few posts ago, you were telling us your (and by extension, all men’s) prime incentive for interacting with women was to stick your penis in them. Where’s the consistency, Lyle?

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