Rounds in the last month

I didn’t load quite as many rounds as I expected I would this month. I have about 400 practice rounds left over from the class I took and enough match ammo such that I’m not feeling any pressure.

I loaded a total of just 700 rounds this month. 301 of those were the self-defense ammo for my student. I plan to do some chronograph and water jug testing with them this weekend.

I’m just under 70,000 rounds for my lifetime total:

223.log: 2027 rounds.
3006.log: 467 rounds.
300WIN.log: 1351 rounds.
40SW.log: 44250 rounds.
9MM.log: 21636 rounds.
Total: 69790 rounds.


3 thoughts on “Rounds in the last month

  1. Even with our high volume product testing I wonder if I’ve even fired 70K rounds in my lifetime, much less hand-loaded.

    I did hand load several hundred rounds last month. They were all with hand cast bullets, some in paper and skin cartridges and some in metal.

    So you’ve got me beat, and I’ll likely never come close to catching up with you in hand loading.

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