I hope these are the guys

About two weeks ago my car was burgled.

Yesterday the police caught someone that could have been involved (see also the police news release):

One of two alleged burglars attempting to rob a home on 123rd Avenue N.E. was tracked down and apprehended by one of the Bellevue Police’s K-9 units early Thursday morning.

The suspect, a 25-year-old Bellevue resident, later admitted to committing a dozen different vehicle prowls in the area overnight.

After the suspect refused to surrender, Roc was sent in to apprehend him. The man was later treated for a dog bite received during his arrest.

A dozen in one night! I look forward the police finding the storage unit or wherever they have been stashing the stuff. There were some things I discovered missing after I sent in the insurance claim and the police report. Maybe I will get those back.

This is Roc:


I’d like to give Roc a doggy treat to thank him for chewing on the guy.


6 thoughts on “I hope these are the guys

  1. If you’ve never seen police dogs in action, try to see that. I’ve seen a demonstration (at a local 4H fair). Impressive. The level of training involved is quite amazing.

  2. After all that training and all those drills, Roc finally got to actually bite somebody. He’s probably the happiest dog in the Seattle area right now.

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