Gun Song- Pistol Packing Papa by Jimmie Rodgers

A classic from the way-back machine. Recorded more than 80 years ago. A simple tune from a simpler time.

Jimmie Rodgers was a classic country-western singer, sometimes called the grandfather of the “modern” genre, born in 1897, died 1933.


2 thoughts on “Gun Song- Pistol Packing Papa by Jimmie Rodgers

  1. Ah, the Singing Brakeman. His recording session in New York stretched over three days and he had a cot to lie on between recordings because he was so weakened by tuberculosis.

    Spike Jones and his City Slickers did a radio program in which various imaginary phone calls came to the recording studio. The one I’m thinking of was a series of pistol shots (Spike’s trademark) alternated with a man saying, “Yes, Ma’am”.
    The rest of the band asked in unison, “Who was it?”
    “Pistol-packing Mama.”

    Unless I missed that one two months ago, too. :0

    • Oh, and in the 30’s country was a completely different category than western. Hank Williams was country, Gene Autry was Western.

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