Al Capone reincarnated?

Robb Allen recently tweeted:

This reminded me of something Al Capone once said:

You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.

Iā€™d suggest Capone had been reincarnated as Robb Allen but Capone was a syphilis infected, booze running, Chicago mobster and Robb lives in Florida*.

*Robb is also a really nice family guy who writes software for a living.


5 thoughts on “Al Capone reincarnated?

  1. In many cases, then, pointing it at the heads of leftists would not be much threat.

  2. Um, Al Capone also lived in Florida*. {grin}

    * (He was a snowbird who had a mansion in Flordia. After being paroled, he lived in Florida until his death.)

    • If it works well for the criminals; doesn’t it make sense to make it easy for the non-criminals to own and carry their own firearms then?

      After all, that would just be making things a little more equal.

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