Breast enlargement

I’m not a fan of breast implants. Sure, if there has been disease or injury then I think it’s fine. But I would never encourage a woman in my life to go through such a thing strictly to get bigger boobs.

However I recently received a report on breast enlargement that Dr. Joe approves of. A friend reports that her breasts in middle age and after multiple children were “showing their age”. Although not large they were sagging. A few months ago she started a program of “sexual rehabilitation” after many years of infrequent and, at best, unsatisfying sex. She now reports her breasts are larger and no longer sag. She attributes this to much more frequent and satisfying sex. “Its the hormones!”, she claims. And, no, she isn’t pregnant.

The climax, so to speak, of her rehabilitation came with the winning of an amateur strip contest last Wednesday. She won $100 and got lots of compliments from both women and men.

I was hoping to get before and after pictures to post but I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon.


2 thoughts on “Breast enlargement

  1. More interested in the After pics, myself.

    Congrats to her, glad she’s having fun.

  2. Heh. A friend I used to work with said he was all for breast implants, but if his wife ever got any, he had one request….that the implants be done on her shoulder. Yup. So when they’re sitting on the couch or at a movie or a restaurant, and he slips an arm around her shoulders, he’s got something to play with. Awesome!

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