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I’m looking at ordering a bunch of patches for Boomershoot. They will be 4 inches across. I’ve not finalized the order in terms of numbers and text. Here are the current working ideas, and I’m certainly open to suggestion on preferred mods. Let me know how many you might be interested in buying, so that I can get a specific price – the more people want, the less they will be per item. I am not certain the surrounding text is exactly what I want, though I like the bottom text on all of them (with the possible exception of “medieval,” but I couldn’t think of anything better that sounds good with “minion,” which I really like.) If I make the top more generic, they anyone can get any of them; if I make the top text more “rank” oriented (explosive handlers “henchmen”, helpers “crony”, shooters “minion”, supporters “unindicted”) then there are fewer people might want to buy, but it might encourage “working up through the ranks” to earn them.

By the way, they make great presents and commemoratives, and you can buy more than one, even if it’s not a “rank” you have earned yet


Henchman Minion unindicted

Pricing – I know there have been hundreds of people over the years, likely more than a thousand, attend boomershoot. Many more including drop-ins and observers. If I can get 400 orders, then the price will be less than $3 each, possibly under $2. If we only have a few dozen, then the price will be prohibitive (more than $15, most likely).

Thoughts, expected purchase numbers, etc?


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  1. Boomershoot and boomershooter are all one word.

    They look really nice!

    How about “Boomershooter–Molon Labe!”?

    • Hi Rolf:
      Whatever you decide, be sure to order a few for me to sell at the dinner on Saturday night. A good way to make some more money and get great exposure to your product as a souvenir for people to take home with them from this great event.
      Just my 2 cents worth:):)

  2. Why not just have it be “minion” then? I actually like them better if you remove the adjectives: Henchman, Crony, Minion. Though leave Unindicted Co-conspirator alone. 🙂

    I’d buy one of each. Maybe a few more of the wannabe patches to give out to friends if they were on the cheaper end.

    • Every variation costs an extra $35. If there are enough buyers to justify the cost by keeping the unit price down, it might be do-able to add more designs, but I’d like to get no more than this number to start with, unless there is overwhelming demand, and the unit price drops to where adding variations is still cost-effective.Perhaps changing the “Minion” patch to read:
      Boomerhoot Precision Rifle

  3. I’ve been meaning to write an email to you Rolf. I keep forgetting. I had an idea for some title rotations in that last email.

    You could use (Heavy) Ordinance Engineer for the target maker. Leaving the Minion for general labor.

    Just a though. I’m still trying to come up with other descriptive options.

  4. I think your “Boomershoot — Molon Labe!” patch should have enough sales to support the additional $35 for as many specialized variations for staff as you need.

    However, I agree with Tim — lose the “Minion, Henchman,” etc. — and have “Boomershoot” be common at the top across all patches. The bottom phrase is what would distinguish each patch.

    • You mean just Boomershoot across the top of each, and underneath have these various “ranks” or words
      Unindicted Co-conspirator

      Part of the reason I chose such words as “henchmen” is that teh anti-gun side keeps refering to us in various ways as mere flunkies of the gun companies, or the Koch brothers, or whatever, so it’s a tongue-in-cheek reference, so you could say “No, I’m NOT a crony, I’m a *MINION*. Got it?”

  5. I am thinking:
    Boomershoot/Precision Rifle Shooter
    Boomershoot/Unindicted Co-conspirator for the general-interest patches.

    As a general-interest kind of guy, I’d probably buy ten of each, plus a few of whatever you come up with for explosives handlers.

  6. The solution is too damn easy. Make the primary patch pretty much like you’ve planned, but the various “ranks” should be secondary tabs, known as “rockers”, to be sewn above or under the primary.

    That way, I can move up from “wannabe”, to “benefactor” (making contributions from afar), to “shooter” or “mixer” or whatever such ranks as you develop.

    Moreover, a minion and a mixer and shooter, can be three separate tabs, sewn in serial order as earned.

    All while not having to make innumerable variations on the primary patch.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    • Appealing, but I’d like something that I can safely explain to my kids, if you know what I mean.
      Besides, the near definitive “Laconic comment” is “Molon Labe”, and adding the last word increases it by 50% w/o adding a lot of meaning.

  7. I like Boomer Shoot…. Precision Rifle

    as well. Although this is a fun precision shoot, it is seriously safe and Precise. My 2 cents.

  8. Unless you plan on changing the graphic every year, I’d suggest making the patch more generic, like BOOMERSHOOT – LEWISTON,IDAHO and make rockers for the other titles, like PRECISION RIFLE, CRONY, HENCHMAN etc -AND/OR- make a rocker for every year of the event, so that you can surround the patch with each year you attend. You could eventually then also change the title rocker out for another position as needed.

    A generic patch also makes a better souvenir for supporters and wannabes. You could also sew it on a ball cap and sell it.

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