Boomershoot Patches

I was thinking it would be nice to have some shoulder-patches made for Boomershoot. Size would most likely a 3″ or 3.5″ round patch. I figure the basic style would be, of course, a red/yellow/black fireball, dark green and blue background (field and sky) with a couple of different options for surrounding text.

I thought that “Boomershoot Target Maker” across the top, with “Henchmen” below for those licensed to handle explosives, Just “Boomershoot Experience” with “Minion” below for those that help with things but never had the explosives license. A possible 3rd type, with “Boomershoot Long Distance” across the top, and “Crony” across the bottom, for the shooters / spotters / attendees / dudes who went there once.

I figure an evil hidden conspiracy mastermind MUST have henchmen, minions, and cronies, right? I mean “STAFF” and an org chart just seem so, so, so… official.

Anyway, what do people think? Any interest? Thoughts? Early orders? Preferred titles like “flunkey” or “accomplice” or something? Spitwads? Job offers?

Obviously, the price would depend on the level of interest.


14 thoughts on “Boomershoot Patches

  1. If you don’t do this, my entire family will nag you incessantly at the next GBR! And, boy, can they nag! You have been warned.

  2. You need one with “wannbe” on it for those of us who can’t seem to find the time to make it.

  3. Henchman, minion and crony aren’t enough. It needs to be something like evil henchman, heartless minion and rapacious crony. Don’t scimp on the adjectives.

    • Ah, yes, I like this. I had considered thinks like “Henchmen 1st Class,” “Minion 2nd Class”, and “Crony 3rd Class,” but wasn’t sure it was quite right. Hmmm. And a “Wannabe 4th class;” lot’s more people don’t make it than do, so…

  4. I’m not convinced about ‘crony’, since that’s what I’d qualify for this year. How about ‘Mook’? ‘Galoot’? ‘Palooka’? ‘Cannon Fodder’? ‘Unindicted Co-conspirator’?

  5. You definitely need to make the wannabe 4th class for us who still cant work getting there into our schedule ..

  6. Also need to make a “Junkie” one for the people who’ve been a few times.
    Maybe a “Flunkie” one for someone who went but couldn’t hit anything (assuming they’re willing to admit that 😉 ).

    • Nope, nothing for sure yet. I asked over at Walls of the City who he used, and seemed to be happy with, but nothings specific worked on or submitted for final anything. Why? Got a recommendation or deal that might be of use?

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