I scored at the gun show

It has been nearly two years since I went to a gun show and I decided today was a good time to go look around again. The first table I looked at was selling bulk food (hard red wheat, beans, lentils, and corn) in plastic buckets appropriately prepared and sealed for long term storage. Since we grow and clean lentils on the farm I decided to ask if they were interested in buying direct from me. It turns out I could sell delivered product to them for $0.10/pound less than what they were currently paying. They ordered 1000 pounds on the spot!

I also picked up a couple of stickers that I’m considering putting on my vehicle:



2 thoughts on “I scored at the gun show

  1. Lentils, as in only lentils, or beans in general?


  2. Good for you! (on both counts). I was thinking about going to the one in Orange County the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving, but decided I can’t afford the things I would want to get, or the things might be cheaper without the drive and admissions fee.

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