Reactive target production facility

As I mentioned yesterday I did some work on a site for a new reactive target production facility for Boomershoot.

Progress continues and I declared it “good enough for now” this afternoon:

This looking to the north and a little bit east at about 5o.

This is looking to the northwest at about 315o.

This is looking a little more to the west at about 290o.

This is from the opposite end of the location looking back at the position the picture above was taken from.

You might notice in the first and last picture that there is section of disturbed earth that extends into the field in the southeast. This is where (I hope) the truck and trailer can enter the site with the shipping container. I expect we will have the dozer there when the shipping container is brought in so that changes can be made in the landscape should they be necessary so the trailer doesn’t get high centered or something. And if nothing else the can get it fairly close and then I can push or drag it into the final position with the cat.

Final leveling will probably be done with a hydraulic jack, gravel, railroad ties, and boards.


One thought on “Reactive target production facility

  1. Joe, if you need something to set the container on, I have about a dozen or so, 2/3 length railways ties you can have for that purpose.

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