Overheard at the buffet

Woman at cashier of dinner buffet to her companion: Oh! I forgot my money. You will have to pay for my dinner.

Companion: Okay. No problem.

Woman to cashier: He has to pay before he can f**k me.

Cashier (shocked): That isn’t the way it is supposed to work here.

Woman: Oh!


Woman (with perplexed look on her face) to her companion: Does this mean I’m supposed to pay you?

Cashier: [closes eyes and shakes her head]

I heard enough more to verify the woman wasn’t some bimbo. She was playing a mind game for sport with the cashier and the people listening in.


2 thoughts on “Overheard at the buffet

  1. And as usual, I think of these quick responses when they are far too late to use:

    Now that we all know you’re a whore, what’s the going rate?

    How about a free sample before you take the money?

    Does he have to wait 30 minutes after eating before diving in?

  2. Probly should post this anonymously… oh well 🙂

    One word for ya:


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