Another Boomershoot slot opens up

We had another cancellation for Boomershoot 2010 yesterday.

I sent email to all the existing entries informing them they could swap their current position for the one opening up.

On Tuesday at 6:00 PM PST I will make the empty position available for the first person to sign up at

I don’t know for certain which position will be open. The canceled position was #32 but if someone wants to swap that could change.

Some hints on signing up:

  • Sometime several minutes before 6:00 PM on Tuesday go to the web page and put in your name, phone number and other entry details.
  • Click on the button labeled “Update Price”-this sets the cookies in your browser so you don’t have to reenter that information when you come back to the page or refresh it.
  • A 6:00 PM go to the page and find the available position (I’ll send out another email when I know for certain).
  • Refresh the page repeatedly until the position button labeled “Position 32” or some such thing is not grayed out.
  • Hit that button as soon as you can.

Last time I did this the first position to open up was snatched in 32 seconds. I don’t expect it will take much, if any, longer this time.

I hope it doesn’t reduce the attraction of Boomershoot but it was the lesbian couple that canceled due to one of them starting a new job and being unable to take time off so soon.

Update: Yes, I was trying to make a joke about the lesiban couple.

Also, position 32 has been take but position 74 is now available for swap.


2 thoughts on “Another Boomershoot slot opens up

  1. And how does telling us the sex of the couple have any bearing on this? I didn’t think you where big on labels. tsk tsk.

    I would love to go, just don’t know how I would get it past the wife.

    Also taking you to task on the label is more in jest mode than serious. Personally, I’ve never met a stranger.


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