6 thoughts on “Broken link

  1. When the gun was at the factory earlier they told me the barrel had been installed wrong but it probably would be okay. I guess the prediction was in error.

    My understanding is that the barrel would need to be replaced to do it correctly. If it happens again I’ll have a new barrel installed.

  2. If it happens again you need to jack it up and run gun under that you can trust.

  3. There’s a report on another site of a similar failure

    . * This is similar to Schuemann’s discussion of a misplaced “bowtie” vertical impact surface – of course Schuemann’s barrels are dimensionally correct.

  4. . Back in June a new STI Trubor I bought broke a barrel link after 200 rounds. It went back to the selling dealer for warranty. I wanted a new barrel fitted because of the severe burring on the upper locking grooves due to the barrel not unlocking from the slide.This was not done. Instead it was run over a linisher ( see barrel photo ) you can see the normally square shoulders are now rounded. The dealer told me there was a bunch of faulty links thats why it broke.I assumed the gun was repaired when it was sent back until I stripped it and saw the botched job that was done. I had done a lot of research and bought books and dvd’s on gunsmithing in the time it was away. The reason the link broke was the barrels rear lower lugs were machined .020” to far forward from the factory, did some comparative measuring from another known good barrel, so when the gun fired the link was preventing the rear lower lugs from hitting the frames vertical impact surface therefore taking all the strain,that link held up for 200 rounds. The fix this dealers gunsmith did was to file out ( around .026” larger ) and grind the link until the 2 impact surfaces hit when the gun cycled

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