Utah Concealed Carry Permit?

I have an expired Utah license and because it has been expired too long I have to reapply as a new applicant. I’m seriously thinking of taking this Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Class on September 26th.

Anyone else want to show up at the class and hang out with me? It’s just four hours on a Saturday.

Update: I was reminded by Barb that her schedule is changing and I will be in Idaho on this weekend. And with her new schedule none of the Utah classes listed match my schedule.


4 thoughts on “Utah Concealed Carry Permit?

  1. Love to, except mine came in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I just received my NRA instructor’s card last month as well and am planning to go to Utah to certify as one of their instructors, Kind of problematic trip so it may not be until next year before I can actually attend. Interesting difference in cost between your class and the one I took in Pasco. $150 vs. $50…

  2. I don’t have a Utah permit anymore. Utah BCI runs permitees names through NCIC monthly and the Utah warrant database daily. I’m not interested in getting my permit pulled because of a false hit. Besides, this seems a little too “Big Brother” ish. Florida is accepted in almost the same set of states.

  3. I’ve been thinking about taking that class at Insights for a while now (a friend of mine recently did). But the cost of the class is just prohibitive right now. The information provided by Alphamike is new to me, but somewhat of a concern.

    Is there an easy way to get a Florida non-resident permit here in Washington?

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