Blogging may be light

The boss is going on vacation for a couple weeks to celebrate his 25th Wedding Annivesary (which isn’t until December but contrary to suggestions they are not celebrating early in case they don’t actually make it that far). Instead of this little mouse being able to play while the cat is away he asked that I be the cat while he is gone. And as he brought me up to speed on the things that needed my attention while he was gone he told me the demo I’m working on that he absolutely must have by the 18th (two weeks from now) is actually due next Tuesday (one working day)*.

I worked until almost 20:00 last night then went to the range and put a couple hundred rounds down range. Blogging will probably be light until after Tuesday as I will be spending most of my time working or at one of three different ranges.

*To be fair, it was as much a surprise to him as it was me.