Taj Mahal maintenance

Two weeks ago Kim, Caleb, and I went back to the Boomershoot site to do some maintenance, inventory, and clean up.

I did most of the clean up and inventory.

Kim folded most of the target boxes you see (still flat) on the ground in the picture below:

Caleb spent most of his time building better stairs:

The plan is to purchase all the stakes, chemicals, and target boxes we need for Boomershoot 2010 and take them out to the Taj sometime this summer so I don’t worry about it being two muddy to get the materials out there next spring. We will fold all the target boxes and put them in crates this summer saving time next spring.

We still need to do some more work on the stairs, fix the “well”, improve the shooters berm and fold more boxes. If we have lots of time we might build another foundation for the bridge across the creek for the shooters to use when visiting the target area.


2 thoughts on “Taj Mahal maintenance

  1. If you’re going to build a new foundation, why not go whole-hog and build a new bridge? Then we can blow up the old one for Gunblogger Day next year. 🙂

  2. The old bridge is still in good shape (and hanging on the wall of my brother’s shed). It just needs a good foundation that can tolerate the spring runoff.

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