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This year I decided to have a Boomershoot Gun Blogger Day. If you were a gun blogger you could show up on Thursday and get a behind the scenes tour and help (with the proper ATF paperwork) or watch the explosives being made. As it turned out most of it consisted of me standing around and telling stories. I had hoped they would have some fun ideas for doing things with the explosives like putting them in the water and/or mud, making craters, or blowing holes in old logs or some such thing. But everyone seemed to have a good time anyway, even after putting out the fire from the fireball demo.

Here is the list of Boomershoot Gun Bloggers and their posts about the event who were in attendence for at least part of Boomershoot (arranged by their shooting position on the line):

Thanks to all the bloggers that attended, posted wonderful stuff, and took thousands of pictures.

If I’ve overlooked a blogger or some posts let me know and I’ll make the corrections. Thanks.

Update: I’ve made a couple updates since the original posting. I added a section for Kris and another post to Aaron’s list.

Update2: I added a link to ErnestThing’s (#25) post.

Update3: I added some more links from Matthew (#61).

Update4 (May 18): Another link to Aaron Neal’s list of posts (#50).


6 thoughts on “Boomershoot bloggers

  1. Joe, do you and Xenia have a flikr account where you put photos from Boomershoot? I know you both took a lot…

  2. No. But I will share them after Xenia is done sorting them. Some in the collection aren’t really related to Boomershoot that much.

  3. Thanks Roberta. But was that for the blog post or for Boomershoot?

    And you can get a position for free next year if you want it. Just let me know.

  4. Sorry to be so slow on writing, but I’ve got another one up now:

    Yes, I’m dragging out my Boomershoot posts – but I just don’t have a lot of time for writing. (Normal, check my overall post frequency).

    Probably one, maybe two more coming… probably just one more, once I make time to sit down and write. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the links, and thanks a LOT MORE for the EVENT!!!!!!!!

    I’m really, REALLY looking forward to bringing Alex with his first rifle in a few years. Some of those roads are so desolate, I may even let him drive for a while.

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