Another day another 500 explosions

We made and people detonated over 500 boomers today. Most of them were from about 20 yards away.

People seemed to have a good time. I just feel tired.

Alan made a lot of the explosives. Kevin Baker showed up around noon. Without having permission from the ATF I had him doing more mundane things like folding cardboard boxes into the proper shape and sweeping off the anti-static rug that goes inside the explosives magazine.

I was a bit concerned about Bonnie doing her first long range shooting at the Precision Rifle Clinic today. I saw her at lunch and asked. She reported things were going well and had only missed (steel targets, not boomers) three shots and that she was having a lot of fun. Great!

Derek is also a new boomer shooter and it’s pretty clear from the pictures and video that he is having a good time.


4 thoughts on “Another day another 500 explosions

  1. (*cough*) Uh, Joe? You’ve got the wrong link for Bonnie in the post.

    And my wife will never believe you got me to sweep anything.

  2. Thanks. I’ve fixed the link.

    I appreciate the effort you put into stepping out of character. Hope that didn’t scare you off from participating in boomer construction.

  3. Hmmm…it’s still linking to Kevin.

    I’m still sorry I missed Thursday, but next year? I’m building boomers. This was so much fun, and I’m glad you guys got me to come out there.

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