Pictures from Boomershoot 2009 minus three weeks

Last Sunday I visited the Boomershoot site to check out the snow conditions and do a little bit of prep work. The pictures mostly speak for themselves. Compare to the pictures I took the week before. And the same time last year.

View from the entrance to the shooting area.

View from standing on the shooting berm at about position 50.

The north (shooters area) side of the shooting berm. The snow is 16 inches deep in places.

This is the culvert that was overflowing the week before. Yes, those are my snowshoe tracks.

Here is where we build the targets.

Just some of the mouse damage. I’m taking rodent poison with me the next time I go.

Mouse nest in the explosives magazine.

There were seven baby mice in the nest I threw out into the snow. Micecicles for the birds. The two adults got away.


3 thoughts on “Pictures from Boomershoot 2009 minus three weeks

  1. My first thought on seeing the Taj Mahal pic was that I should bring a portable wood stove or gas patio heater to keep us warm while we build the targets. Then I thought some more and realized that probably would not be a good idea.

  2. Yeah. I enforce a no smoking or open flame rule within about 75 feet (legally I only need to do that for 50 feet) so that we don’t end up with smoking craters.

  3. Too bad your mice didn’t eat the boomerite too. Shooting explodey mices would make me deliriously happy.

    Heh, I can’t stand mice.

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