Who would have guessed?

I gave a friend of Barb and mine a ride to/from Idaho this weekend. She was visiting her boyfriend who was working on job site in Pullman, Washington for a few weeks. Pullman being about 10 miles from my home and on the way made it no big deal. There was a minor complication in that there was “some festival” in Pullman and all the hotels were full and his company had to put them up in a Clarkston for Friday and Saturday night. That added an hour to my trip Friday night but it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. Friends do that for friends. On the way back he was going to be in a Pullman motel and it would take zero extra time.

Over the weekend we learned the “festival” was actually “Mothers Weekend” at both Washington State University in Pullman and the University of Idaho in Moscow. So it filled up all the motels in both towns.

Barb working in the hospital reported that emergency room staff say “Mothers Weekend” is always the busiest of the year. They come in drunk, disorderly, and disgusting (a new meaning for triple D as applied to women). It was also reported that condom sales go up 300%*.

After I picked up our friend yesterday and began our trip back to Seattle I reported my findings on the “festival”. Our friend burst into laughter that seemed just a little more enthusiastic that was appropriate. She then told me that her boyfriend and co-workers had also found out it was “Mothers Weekend” but they called it “MILF Weekend”.

Update: More confirmation of Mom’s Gone Wild in Moscow.

Update2: Via an IM from Kris:

If they combined Mothers weekend and boomershoot (on the same weekend)… “ok sweetie, you have fun with the rest of the mothers… I’m going shootin’ with the boys ”

This was after Kris informed me he probably wouldn’t be able to attend Boomershoot this year. It sounds like I need to “sweeten the pot” a little bit for him next year if I want him to come. I’m all for him having a good time, but I’m not going to go that far just to get him to come.

*I questioned the source of the condom sales numbers and Barb asked around at the hospital. “Everyone” had heard it and believed it to be true but no one knew where it came from. I suspect it is an urban myth but it makes a good story.


2 thoughts on “Who would have guessed?

  1. I think there are several people who would have be Strung, drawn and quartered for NOT going to Boomershoot/MILF Mania if you did that Joe, regardless of whether I was going to CA with buddies straight after or not…

  2. I did 20 years mixing live sound for rock and R&B bands in the inland Northwest. Mom’s night in Moscow or Pullman was always an interesting gig. Frat and Sorority parties were the most wild though, with a few weddings taking a close second. This started in ’78, back when Idaho’s drinking age was 19 and Washington’s was 21. That made Moscow into Party Grand Central for a large area. Drunken Debauchery is a pretty good description. A Moscow PD officer once accosted me shinnying down a telephone pole downtown at around 03:00. My car keys were presented as evidence, showing that I had a perfectly plausible reason for climbing across the downtown store rooftops at 03:00 (to retrieve them). He said something like; “OK then. Be careful out there.” Attitudes were different then.

    I never saw police, ambulances and fire trucks show up all at the same gig, but it would not have been surprising. I recall taking the football pass-blocker’s stance a few times to protect equipment from brawling “enthusiasts”, though the older musicians tell me that the late 60s and early 70s were more wild.

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