Keep your lung and liver

Caleb says he would sell off body parts to acquire the Browning 1917 I posted about the other day.

It turns out he probably could just sell a kidney and keep the lung and piece of his liver and still have some change left over after purchasing it. I inquired as to the price and got this reply:

$6000 and it comes with a ton of extras: This is a Colt 1928 variation with safety; flash hider only 635 built and in this variation the right side plate was build with a much stronger design. We had the weapon changed to 8mm due to cheaper and more readily available. Only a few were built in semi auto we’ve seen them go for between $6000-$8000 without as many extras. Pictures are available upon request.

Tripod is a colt the 1928 version with Colt brass logo on rear leg. (These sell for $1000-$1200)

(7) 250 round cloth belts

Condenser hose and condenser can

(2) Oak 250 rds ammo boxes

1918 Browning loader w/ 8mm conversion with transit box. (these sell for $1000)

Custom 2 piece Mahogany transit chest on a removable roller base. One box holds weapon and the other all other parts

Two manuals

3000 rds of 8 MM


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