Only one third pound?

Someone had 150 pounds of explosives stolen. The cops put on a demo for the media to show how dangerous just a small amount of explosivs are. They detonated one third of a pound for the cameras. Here is a still shot (more where I found the one below).

Okay, whatever. For the last several years the smallest targets we have used (the three inch square ones) at Boomershoot have been one half pounders. The four inch square targets we use the most of are approximately one pound. The largest (the seven inch square) ones are two pounders. They lost 150 pounds? We went through over 10 times that much last year.


5 thoughts on “Only one third pound?

  1. But Joe, aren’t your explosives ammonia based or some such? What was stolen? 150 lbs of TNT would different from 150 lbs of something milder….

  2. Ammonium Nitrate (AN) is the main ingredient in Boomerite.

    It was some sort of “blasting agent”. Typically those are some sort of AN mixture.

    But pound for pound most explosives are fairly close (within a factor of two or less–I think) in power. The density can vary a lot, but given equal mass the total “power” is going to be pretty close.

  3. looks to me like they covered it with sand to make the explosion look more visually spectacular. it really didn’t look like that big of a boom.

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