A gentle reminder

This is probably safe for work but it’s on the edge.


6 thoughts on “A gentle reminder

  1. Hmmm… you might be right. They bring us free beer once a month or so and people bring in “the hard stuff” occasionally too. I’ve never worked anyplace else that allowed that.

  2. That was stolen from the first episode of the Brit Comedy “Coupling”. “Jeff” being caught by his mum.

    But it shows the difference between the Brit’s and the USA. Long ago I noticed that in England they allow topless females and bottomless men etc (Benny Hill, Monty Python) but they censored out 5 minutes of most episodes of Miami Vice. No guns and blood allowed.

    This really hit me while I was staying with my fiance (this is back in 1988) and in laws in Hawaii . I had rented some comedy’s for us to watch. I rented a movie called “The Kentucky Fried Movie” . The movie is a series of short send ups of different types of movies. It was John Landis first film.

    The film eventually sends up the cheap porno’s of the day with “Catholic High School Girls in Trouble”. It has some nudity (breasts). At that, the father booms out “boys go to your room”. The boys are age 10 and 12.

    What I have to explain is that these two boys spent much of there days watching the same films again and again. They were “Predator,Platoon and The Road Warrior”.

    I found the whole thing very telling about America and its screwed up morals. Also I should mention the dad had a huge porno collection, which my fiance had found.

    If I had kids and I had the choice between them seeing a little skin or watching a man have his spinal cord ripped out by a Predator I would opt for the former.

    All this occurred to me when you wrote “I think this is safe”. Would you have felt the need to say this, if it was a clip of the Predators ripping out a spinal cord? I appreciate the heads up, but I just thought I would throw out the thought.

    Our country does seem to project the same “do what we say” about “Porn” and about Guns.

    I just can’t understand it.

    It was a awesome short ad. If they had more ads like that I wouldn’t jump past the ads with Tivo.


  3. Joe, I’m pretty sure that even with the somewhat liberal stance of work on internet content… this is NSFW 😛

  4. There was no nudity, and the overall tone was humorous. I would have considered this SFW, but then again, maybe that is why my company is now being oppressed by a Websense proxy.

    With regard to Miles Digby III’s comment about the “US vs UK” / “sex vs violence” paradigm, I have to wonder why either need to be censored, when proper parental guidance could address both more effectively without government involvement.


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