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I just discovered some posts I made in previous months were not made public (stupid blog software…). Which explains why I didn’t get any comments or links to one that I thought was really important…


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  1. RE: Boomershoot 2010

    1) How about Boomershoot on Saturday AND Sunday?
    2) Move the Rifle course to Thursday and Friday?

    Two days is better than 1, it would mean a whole days extra slots, you could limit .50’s to one of the two, allowing those slots for others on the second day, (or the first).

    It would mean more explosions, thus the need to double output of explosives. Is that possible?

    With the event sold out 9 months ahead of time, AND in only a few days, a whole extra day would be GREAT!!!

  2. Once upon a time we had Boomershoot on Friday and Sunday with the clinic on Saturday. It was a death march for the staff.

    Currently we have two days to build the targets for one day of shooting. The storage magazine will only hold enough targets for one day of shooting.

    We have improved production rates since then but not to the point where we can make all the targets for one Boomershoot in one day.

    So, the answer is currently no, we won’t do that. We could build another storage magazine and perhaps get more staff and infrastructure to handle something like what you suggest. But that isn’t what we are currently planning.

    Our current plan is to increase the number of targets on Sunday and then expand the number of shooting positions. We probably can’t expand the shooting positions enough to accomodate the demand but what we are looking at is putting on a Boomershoot East and/or South such as in Pennslyvania/Georgia/Texas/Arizona. This would probably decrease the demand for Boomershoot Idaho some.

  3. I’d bet you could get more volunteers to help build targets, but understand the storage issue. I know of at least 2 of us that BATF would certify, and suspect there are a lot more who would love to help.

    Holding Boomershoots in other locations might help, but aren’t 80% or more of Boomershooters from the NW as it is? Besides that, you still have the issue of storage wherever you are! Holding it elsewhere also actually puts more strain on staff because of travel and logistics wherever you go.

    The great draw of Boomershoot (at least for me) is that people from all over come to it, and get to spend time together, holding an event elsewhere dilutes that, though I can see why other people would want to have one closer to home!

    Just a suggestion. I think that two days would be awesome!!

  4. It’s kinda hard justifying the expense to go that far just to shoot at things that go boom. I could justify it if one was here in the South, preferably Alabama.

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