Merry Christmas to someone

Position 65 for Boomershoot 2009 just opened up. It’s on the shooting berm near the west end. On the berm means shooting benches are discouraged.

Sign up here.

Do it fast. I expect it will be gone within a few minutes.

Update: Gone in four minutes, 45 seconds.


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to someone

  1. Don’t worry about the HTML. I fixed it.

    Yeah. I’ve known I needed to expand it for years now. I’m working on it. First I had to expand the infrastructure so we could produce the required tonnage of targets. Then we realized we needed to expand the area for target placement. That was done this fall. Assuming we are able to produce and place an excess number of targets this year we will expand the shooter capacity next year.

    Boomershoot East is something we have talked about. An appropriate site (long range, good backstop, legally acceptable, low fire risk, and tolerant neighbors are a few of the more importat criteria) and money are the only significant obstacles.

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