Bowling pin match tomorrow

I plan to attend a pistol match at the Lewiston Pistol Club outdoor range tomorrow (Friday). From organizer Mike Brown:

We’re going to have a “Black Friday” bowling pin shoot for those of you who would rather shoot than shop. $1 a table, fastest time in each run gets the pot.

Just pistol. 1100 start.

Everyone who can play safe is welcome.


3 thoughts on “Bowling pin match tomorrow

  1. Now I’m in a predicament. Wife has a new rifle and we were going to head down to Lapwai to zero along with some other rifle practice. Bowling Pin shoot, or 200 yard rifle practice. I’m leaning towards the rifle Joe. Have fun, post pictures.

  2. Hi Joe,

    Do you know of any bowling pen matches in the Bellevue/Redmond area? I’ve been looking for one on the eastside and haven’t found anything yet.

  3. No. Sorry. I don’t know of any. But then I don’t shoot much over there. And almost never on weekends when a match would likely be.

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