Web sites are messed up

Yes. I’m having (more) problems with my hosting provider. Content is missing. Access is problematic. This applies to not just to this blog but Boomershoot, my email, and other sites as well.

I’m working on it. It might be this weekend sometime before things are straightened out.

Thanks for your patience.


5 thoughts on “Web sites are messed up

  1. I suggest liberal doses of scotch while working on the website. It might not go faster, but it sure is more fun that way.

  2. Sitemeter and MSIE7 had a meltdown this weekend, after the latest update.

    Sitemeter has changed it’s code today, to work around the new MS bug.

  3. Yes, Sitemeter blew chunks. I actually had to add it to my blocked website list to get most of the web working again.

    My client runs IE7 therefore so must I. I was giving The Wife Unit’s MacBook Pro the eye earlier today, but resisted the urge.

    Mainly because my laptop is free and a new MacBook Pro is not. 🙂

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